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The Upper Crust is a full service catering business specializing in American food. We have been in operation since 2000, and have grown every year because of our reputation for quality food and professional service, at reasonable prices.

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A message from Mary Ann Wiley, founder of The Upper Crust:

I would like to give you a bit of background on how The Upper Crust came to be. I moved to Indonesia in 1990 with my husband Clyde and daughter Suzanne. Here I was in a foreign country not knowing a soul, watching someone else clean my house and wondering what in the world was I supposed to do to stay busy. I decided that I would bake cookies and soon became known as The Cookie Lady . After several years I sold that business and became catering manager at the American Club. I worked there for about four years before deciding that baking cakes would be more fun. And that was the birth of The Upper Crust, started in 2000. Now, many years later, I have retired in Texas but still keep in daily contact with Eko and Uni, who now own The Upper Crust. They operate it on the same principles that I did, pleasing the customers, offering quality food and excellent service. We will make sure that you are happy!